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Inside Our Galleries


All Hands on Deck: A Sailor's Life in 1812
Second Floor
Handicap and stroller accessible (elevator located in "Old Ironsides in War and Peace")

Experience life at sea in 1812! Scrub the decks on your hands and knees, scramble aloft to furl a sail in gale force winds, and crawl into a hammock to rest before facing the unknown of another day. Set sail on a voyage of discovery in this hands-on, minds-on exhibit where everyone can learn by seeing and doing.


Figgie Theater: "Learning Adventures Aboard Old Ironsides"
First Floor
Handicap and stroller accessible

Journey aboard Constitution with a visitor named Julie as she explores the ship's people and history. "Learning Adventures Aboard Old Ironsides" was filmed aboard USS Constitution and provides a glimpse of her spar, gun, and berth decks. This 19-minute film is presented continuously throughout the day in our spacious, air-conditioned theater. Check with Museum staff for film times.

Fire Cannon

Honor, Courage, Commitment
Main Hallway, First Floor
Handicap and stroller accessible

Take aim and fire our interactive cannon in the main hall. Follow five simple steps and attempt to hit the enemy ship! Make a stop in our restrooms and discover how sailors "went" while they were out at sea!


The Barbary War: Piracy, Politics and Power
First Floor
Handicap and stroller accessible

Follow the exploits of Constitution's sailors and Marines in defense of free trade and commerce in the Mediterranean Sea during the Barbary War (1803-1805). This exhibit includes a palace and a prison, antique and exotic weapons, letters written in invisible ink, and stories of hand-to-hand combat and the Marines' legendary 400-mile trek "to the shores of Tripoli."

Sail Interactive

"Old Ironsides" in War and Peace
First Floor
Handicap and stroller accessible

Trace Constitution's journey from her launch in 1797 through her triumphs and near tragedies, to her current role as a symbolic flagship of the US Navy. Handle the wood that made up her "iron" sides and discover the innovative structure that made her invincible. Try your hand at sailing a model Constitution and see the artworks, literature, souvenirs, and awards that symbolize her place in America's affections.