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"We really gained a sense of what it was like to be an 1812 sailor and we left with a very real appreciation of Constitution's rich legacy… You managed to keep two octogenarians and three teenage boys thoroughly engaged. No mean feat in either case!"

"We're really having a great time. The whole Museum is done so well, and these interactives up here are great. You know, sometimes you get overwhelmed, and especially the kids, when there's so much to read. Up here they're not even realizing that they're learning. They're having so much fun, they don't want to leave" - Mother of three

"That new exhibit is great. My husband and I learned as much as the kids."

“I had to choose between coming here to the Museum or going to the ship and I am so glad that I came here instead” – British lady whose husband served in the British Navy

“This is a great museum because it appeals to multi-ages. We have kids from ages 20 down to 6 and this museum would be fun for all of them.” 

“I thought history was always boring but now I [picture of heart] it!” - Kelly, 10 years old

“Interactive exhibits that allow children to role play are what make history alive, fun and awesome for my third, fourth and fifth grade students. They actually continue their play later on the playground and that's when you know they actually learned." - A teacher 


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FROM TRIP ADVISOR …. By Beth Brigg, from NC

“The ship is great, but don't overlook the museum!”

Reviewed 11 July 2011

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and left us with a greater appreciation for the boat and the men who worked on it. My only regret is that the tours are so tight (30 minute rotations) that things feel a bit rushed. I could see our guide having to continually check his watch and curtail his stories and insights to fit that tight time frame. However, the ship is so popular that I can't really see slowing the pace down without the lines backing up and folks becoming frustrated.

However, the unexpected supporting star of the experience was the museum that complements the ship experience. I would highly recommend it for families with children. The museum was packed with hands on experiences that my tactile daughter loved, especially on the 2nd floor. They had ropes you could pull, pieces of a model ship you could put together, a wooden ship kind of dollhouse with play people and lots of the other typical hands on activities you'll find in newer museums (doors to open with information underneath, buttons to push, etc.) My daughter's favorite part was a little area where she could pretend to cook some of the foods they ate on ships....there are tins to put food in, pretend food, a pot to stir, etc. There was also an area with hammocks that they could try out. It was an excellent compliment to the ship which is necessarily very "hands off" in many ways for safety/preservation reasons. Whoever designed the children's section of that museum did an excellent job! My daughter now tells us she wants to be a cook in the navy when she grows up ; )



“One of the best history museums EVER”

Reviewed 27 June 2011

Someone with an education background helped put this museum together! It has activities and exhibits that appeal to ALL the members of the family!

They do not have a formal admission fee, but they request a donation, and in my opinion it is very worth it! Dad enjoyed reading about the detail of restoring the ship; the teens loved reading the background about different members of the crew and what happened to them after their service; my youngest had a literal blast trying out the techniques involved in shooting a cannon and the trick to hoisting a mainsail while standing on a rope! They could try on period clothing and see what it was like to try and sleep in a hammock on a ship.

A side note: off and on during our visit and while I was waiting for my hubby to come back from Bunker Hill for a quick picture, I noted the museum information desk attendant was assisting a dear disabled lady who needed a ride back to her facility. For the better part of two hours the female attendant made phone call after phone call and remained always patient and sweet with the agitated lady in the wheelchair. I wish I knew the employee's name, but KUDOS to the museum for hiring such kind and capable staff.