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Stipend and Graduate Credit

What is the Stipend and what are its Conditions?

  • Teachers selected to participate as NEH Summer Scholars will receive a stipend of $1,200 at the end of the residential workshop session. Stipends are intended to help cover travel expenses to and from the project location, books, and ordinary living expenses. Stipends are taxable.
  • NEH Summer Scholars are required to attend all scheduled meetings and to engage fully as professionals in all project activities. Participants who do not complete the full tenure of the project will receive a reduced stipend.
  • At the end of the project's residential period, NEH Summer Scholars will be asked to provide an assessment of the workshop experience, especially in terms of its value to their personal and professional development. These confidential online evlauations will become a part of the project's grant file.

What projected costs could I expect to incur?

The stipend of $1,200 is meant to help cover costs, but will likely not cover all of them. Here is an estimate of what you might expect to pay for to participate in the "USS Constitution & the War of 1812" Workshop:

  • Flight: flight costs vary depending on your location of origin. Try using a comparative online search engine to get the best rate. Boston is a popular tourist destination in the summer and flight costs tend to go up in price at this time. Once your appplication has been reviewed and if you are accepted, try booking early for the best prices. 
  • Airport transfer: There are a variety of options on how to get from the airport to The Constitution Inn.
    • The average cost of a taxi from Logan Airport to The Constitution Inn is $25.
    • Public transportation from the airport is also available. From the airport, a subway ride and then walking or the inner-harbor ferry will cost $2.00 - $5.00 unless you purchase a seven day MBTA pass for $18 which would cover those costs. (See below, Local Transportation)
  • Hotel: The workshop project has reserved a block of rooms at The Constitution Inn for $159/night. You may opt to share a room with another participant, for half that rate. See the Housing and Meals page for more information. Assuming a stay from Sunday night - Friday night:
    • 6 nights x $159 = $954
    • 6 nights x $79.50 (cost of shared room) = $477
  • Meals:* Meal costs will vary widely based on your preferences and choice of food. What follows is only an estimate:
    • 6 breakfasts x $8 = $48
    • 6 lunches x $10 = $60
    • 6 dinners x $25 = $150
    • Total = $258
    • *Note: Some meals may be covered by the workshop, this is still TBD. Until further notice, assume all meals are on your own. 
  • Local Transportation: Boston is a very walkable city and you can get most places easily by foot. For those seeking a seated option, Boston's MBTA transit system is the best way to get around town when not in workshop sessions. While rates are subject to change, here are the 2012 costs:
    • One subway ride = $2.00
    • Inner-Harbor Ferry = $3.00
    • Seven day pass = $18.00 (ulimited rides on subway, local bus, and inner-harbor ferry)
  • Books: For a full list of required and recommended readings, see the Readings page of this site. An advance packet of readings will be sent to each accepted and enrolled participant. Only one book is required in full, others may be purchased in addition:
    •  The War of 1812: A Short History by Donald Hickey may be purchased from the Museum's gift shop for $16.00 plus shipping. 
  • Graduate Credit: For those teachers seeking graduate credit for their participation in the workshop, the Museum is working with Framingham State University to provide three graduate credits. Details are not yet finalized, please check back soon to confirm:
    • 3 credits x $75/credit = $225
  • Total approximate costs: 
    • Flight = varies
    • Hotel (shared room) = $477
    • Meals = $258
    • Seven day transit pass = $18
    • Books = $16 + shipping
    • Graduate credit = $225
    • Total: $994 + flight + book shipping

How can I earn graduate credit?


The Museum is working with Framingham State University, and pending approval, will be able to offer three graduate course credits to those teachers who wish to enroll. 

Course requirements include: 

  • Full participation in the workshop, including attendance and full professional engagement.
  • Completion of the workshop project - creating a prototype of a hands-on, interactive exhibit element that answers one of the workshop's guiding questions.The project is due by the final day of the residential workshop. 
  • A lesson plan that covers some aspect of the War of 1812 covered during the workshop. The lesson plan is due by September 3, 2013. 

Graduate credit costs will be $75 per credit and three credits will be offered for a total of $225. The cost of the credits will be deducted from the particpant's $1,200 stipend. This means that on the final day of the workshop, those enrolled in FSU's course credit will receive a check for $975 instead of $1,200. The full amount of $1,200 is still considered taxable. 

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