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The Model Shipwright Guild

USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild logoThe USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild and the USS Constitution Museum have enjoyed a long association. The Museum hosts the Guild’s annual ship model show. This event has become increasingly popular during the last three decades and now runs for two months in February and March with additional programming during the school vacation week. The Guild operates a workshop on the first floor of the Museum, where volunteer modelers demonstrate their craft for visitors and where the Guild keeps its library of books and ships plans.

Aspiring and experienced model builders may contact the Guild for ships plans and advice, or to become members of the Guild. For more information please visit the Guild’s website or contact the Guild’s Quartermaster, Tim Mahoney.

A ship modeler at workThe Model Shop

In the model shop, guild members demonstrate their craft and discuss their work with visitors. Many of their models go on to be exhibited in the Museum's galleries. For eight weeks each winter the Museum hosts a popular juried show of dozens of their new models - from fishing smacks and warships, to yachts and supertankers.