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The USS Constitution Museum has a wonderful collection of material related to USS Constitution that tell too many stories for our galleries - so we've put some here for you to explore!

  • In the Zenith of His Glory: Pardon Mawney Whipple, USN

    In 2006, Mrs. Norma Adams Price generously donated an early-nineteenth century letterbook to the USS Constitution Museum. The tall vellum-bound volume is the copy book of Midshipman Pardon Mawney Whipple. Take a peak inside!

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  • National Cruise Scrapbooks, 1931-1934

    On July 2, 1931, USS Constitution and a crew of 81 sailors, officers, and Marines set off on a three-year, three-coast tour around the United States. This National Cruise was a public “thank you” to the men, women, and children who, from 1925-1930, helped raise over $985,000 to completely restore the ailing ship.

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