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Current Exhibits

  • All Hands on Deck: A Sailor's Life in 1812

    In All Hands On Deck you can explore the harsh realities of life at sea and join USS Constitution just as the War of 1812 is declared. Discover the unique world afloat and the men and women that made history alongside USS Constitution. Hands on activities, fascinating personal stories and the birth of a national icon make All Hands On Deck entertaining for visitors from 2 to 92.

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  • Old Ironsides in War and Peace

    Ironsides in War and Peace chronicles the Ship's first 200 years; how and why she was built, how she earned her fame in the War of 1812, and why the US Navy still preserves the 216-year old wooden frigate as a commissioned warship.

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  • Old Ironsides War of 1812 Discovery Center

    What was the War of 1812 all about? What were the causes and consequences of this forgotten war? The Old Ironsides 1812 Discovery Center addresses these questions through games and other interactive exhibits.

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  • Java Exhibit

    Constitution vs HMS Java

    Learn how the bloody battle between USS Constitution and HMS Java began and ended. What happened to the wounded crew members? What did they experience when they returned home? 

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  • Making Old Ironsides New

    Learn more about USS Constitution’s many restorations in a special exhibition, Making Old Ironsides New, opening now!

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