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Library and Manuscript Collections

Explore a selection of the 7,500 items in the Museum's manuscript collection, or visit the Archives Inventory page to view and download PDF inventories.

  • Broadsides and Posters

    Advertisements, proclamations, notices, and opinion pieces used to broadcast the news to the public.
  • Certificates

    Official documents providing protection against impressment, and allotting pay to family members at home.
  • Correspondence

    Personal and professional letters from sailors and officers to colleagues, family, and friends.
  • Logs and Journals

    Official records and intimate accounts of life in the American navy.
  • Pamphlets

    Essays, treatises, and opinion pieces on current events, social issues, and the political climate of the time.
  • Photographs

    Images of Constitution and her crew, 1850s to the present.

  • Poetry

    The exploits of Constitution and her crew set to verse by sailors and supporters alike.

  • Printed Media

    Magazines and newspapers, late 18th century to the present day.
  • Rare Books

    A wide variety of books owned and used by sailors, from instructional manuals and dictionaries, to bibles and biographies.
  • Scrapbooks

    This collection currently features five scrapbooks compiled by crewmembers during Constitution's National Cruise, 1931-1934.