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Art and Artifact Collections

With nearly 1,700 artifacts and over 7,000 rare books, manuscripts, and other archival material, the USS Constitution Museum curates the most comprehensive collection of material related to "Old Ironsides" and the men and women who served on board her. From tiny slips of paper to massive paintings, the collection includes items representing every phase of Constitution's long and storied career.

  • Arms and Armament

    Swords, pistols, muskets, and accoutrements from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Artwork

    More than 200 years of depictions of the Ship and her crew.

  • Ceramics and Glass

    Porcelain and pearlware, crystal and cut glass from the tables of Constitution's officers.

  • Clothing and Textiles

    Uniforms, clothing, seabags, flags and other items of cloth.
  • Personal Possessions

    Intimate objects owned by the crew and their families.
  • Presentation Pieces

    Tokens of thanks from a grateful nation - medals, silver, plaques, and swords.
  • Souvenirs

    Commemorative items made from Constitution's wood, copper, and iron.

  • Spoils of War

    Trophies taken during victories and defeats.
  • Tools of the Trade

    Medical and navigational instruments, sailmaker's and carpenter's tools used to maintain both ship and crew.