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President's Welcome

Welcome to the USS Constitution Museum! Whether planning a visit in person or enjoying our resources with a “virtual” visit from home, we hope you will take the time to explore all that we have to offer.

It is exciting to be at the helm as we mark the Bicentennial of the War of 1812. Students nationwide are learning about "Old Ironsides" and the Star Spangled Banner as they study the events of 2012-2015. Across the nation, people pause to reflect on the courage and commitment of sailors and soldiers who fought to defend American freedom – a freedom we continue to enjoy today. There is no better living symbol of this remarkable moment in time than USS Constitution.

The USS Constitution Museum welcomes those who are curious about Constitution’s history and eager to learn more. Our work is guided by a new strategy: to provide a hands-on, minds-on environment where intergenerational groups seeking an enjoyable, educational experience can have fun and learn as they explore history together. This strategy has led to fantastic outcomes and visitor feedback so far.

“We’re really having a great time. The whole Museum is done so well, and these interactives up here are great. You know, sometimes you get overwhelmed, and especially the kids, when there’s so much to read. Up here they’re not even realizing that they’re learning. They’re having so much fun, they don’t want to leave” - Mother of three

“That new exhibit is great. My husband and I learned as much as the kids.”

“We really gained a sense of what it was like to be an 1812 sailor and we left with a very real appreciation of Constitution’s rich legacy... You managed to keep two octogenarians and three teenage boys thoroughly engaged. No mean feat in either case!”

The words of our guests reminds us of the importance of having a museum that is able to engage all ages while serving as the memory and educational voice of "Old Ironsides." Our award-winning website, asailorslifeforme.org, includes an online curriculum that helps educators from coast to coast teach their students the causes, impact and outcomes of the War of 1812. A new on-site discovery center engages visitors to the Museum in conversations about this period in our past, and the implications on our lives today. New programming for grades K-12 encourages students to participate in activities that help them better understand life at sea, the teamwork necessary when facing battle on board a ship, and the impact an ordinary sailor had on the outcome of the engagement. I invite you to join in the Bicentennial commemoration and visit us often – online or in Boston – to experience all that the USS Constitution Museum has to offer.

Welcome on board as we set sail on a voyage of discovery!

Anne Grimes Rand
President, USS Constitution Museum