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The USS Constitution Museum was incorporated in 1972 as a non-profit educational organization to meet the “need for the fuller display and interpretation of the ship and her meaning to the United States.” The Museum temporarily opened in a building directly adjacent to the ship (Building 10, which houses the Shipyard Galley today). With the leadership and financial support of many prominent and public-spirited citizens, the Museum was able to open its doors to the public in April 1976.

Founding Trustees


RADM Joseph C. Wylie, USN (Ret.), President
James H. Ballou, Vice President
Peter B. Seamans, Treasurer
Ralph H. Doering, Jr. Assistant Treasurer
Leon F. Kaufman, Secretary


Jason A. Aisner, Esq.
Anthony Athanas
Robert P. Greaves
Andrew A. Hunter
CAPT J. Richard Lamere, USNR
Mrs. Richard T. Lyman
W. James McDonald, Esq.
Sherman Morss

Founding Honorary Trustees

Charles Francis Adams
Hank Ketchum
The Honorable John W. McCormack
RADM Samuel Eliot Morison, USNR (Ret.)
The Honorable Leverett Saltonstall

Advisory Board

Richard A. Berenson
Rev. George L. Blackman
The Honorable Matthew Brown
John Cahill
John W. Calkins
Robert A. Chadbourne
Coleman F. Church, III
William F. Connors
Winifred Cunningham
John J. Cotter
James Doulos
Carmen Elio
John W. Ewell
Arthur Fiedler
Joseph Gannon
The Honorable Paul W. Garber
Tudor Gardiner
Betty Gibson

Edward B. Hanify, Esq.
Gilbert H. Hood
RADM Harry Hull, USN (Ret.)
Edward J. King
William L. Kingman
James P. Loughlin
Ernest A. Lucci
Gordon D. MacKay
Alfred J. Mattei
Ernest J. Montilio
W. Howard McClennan
David G. Mugar
Valentine P. Murphy
Richard O’Connell
CDR Dorothy Richards Pesce, USNR (Ret.)
James F. Rawson

J. Hampden Robb
Albert Schlossberg
Albert R. Schofield, Jr.
CAPT William G. Schofield, USNR (Ret.)
Dr. Sidney Butler Smith
Joseph A. Sullivan
Lawrence C. Sullivan
Davis Taylor
Giles M.S. Tod
P. Takis Veliotis
S. Morton Vose, II
Walter Muir Whitehill
Rev. David A. Works