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For press images, Museum logos, press kits, and public relations information please contact Laura O'Neill at 617 – 426-1812 ext 112 or by email at loneill@ussconstitutionmuseum.org

General Photography

Photography is allowed at the Museum for personal, non-commercial use. Flash photography is prohibited at all times. The use of tripods or other professional recording equipment requires prior arrangement with the Museum.
Museum staff may photograph or film visitors in the galleries, at programs, and at events for educational, promotional, and/or marketing purposes. Visitors who do not wish to be filmed may opt out by notifying the photographer/videographer at the time of filming.

News Coverage

Members of the media are permitted to film or photograph within approved areas of the Museum for the purpose of news coverage. A Museum staff member must accompany all media visits. Please contact Laura O'Neill at 617-426-1812 ext 112 or by email at loneill@ussconstitutionmuseum.org with as much advance notice as possible to ensure that resources are available for your visit. The USS Constitution Museum will try to accommodate short notice requests; however, please be aware that last-minute or unscheduled photo shoots that cannot be accompanied by a staff member maybe declined.
Media members should check in at the Museum’s front desk, and sign a Permission to Photograph form. Tripods will be issued a tripod pass, which must be displayed on equipment for the duration of your visit. Please carry tripods vertically through the galleries to protect artifact cases and visitors.

Photography Shoots (Commercial, Video Production, Publication)

Advance notice of 3 weeks prior to production is requested for filming and/or photography at the USS Constitution Museum. A written request of the production schedule and content should be submitted to Laura O'Neill at loneill@ussconstitutionmuseum.org. This request must include the following information:
  1. Contact information for your organization, including the name(s), phone, and email of the person/persons responsible for signing contracts
  2. Date, time, and length of production schedule
  3. A short synopsis of the project that includes the following information: Title of the publication/broadcast; Date of publication/broadcast; Format (book, exhibition, article, television program, feature film, etc); Audience; Distribution (local, regional, national, international); Use (commercial, non-profit, personal, educational)
  4. Specific information on what will be filmed (Museum galleries, specific artifacts, staff interviews, etc.) Please note that staff interviews are subject to staff availability. Some artifacts may not be filmed due to donor request or copyright restrictions. The USS Constitution Museum reserves the right to restrict photography/filming of any artifact or gallery space for any reason.
  5. If the project requires historical background information, arrangements must be made with the Museum’s Curatorial department prior to filming. This request should be submitted with the production request and is based on staff availability. 
The Museum does not permit commercial photographers (i.e. photographs for resale or publications) without prior permission from the Curatorial department. Fees for commercial photography in the galleries vary. Please contact Harrie Slootbeek at (617) 426-1812 ext. 147 or by email at hslootbeek@ussconstitutionmuseum.org for details.

Filming on board USS Constitution

All requests to film or photograph on board USS Constitution must be made with the US Navy. The USS Constitution Museum is a private non-profit organization and cannot make arrangements to film on the Ship. The following information has been provided by USS Constitution’s Public Affairs Office: 
  • News Agencies: For all news agencies requesting media production on board USS Constitution or the ship's pier, we require your party to contact the ship's public affairs officer (PAO) at 617-799-8198. Turnaround time for approval is often very quick and only requires approval from the ship's PAO.
  • Film and Documentary Production Companies: For all film and documentary production companies requesting to film on board USS Constitution, we also require your party to contact the ship's PAO. Turnaround time for approval can vary, depending on the request, so we recommend giving us as much leeway time as possible. On average, the approval process takes seven business days.

Purchasing Photographs, Images, and Multimedia from the Museum Collections

To purchase media for publications or productions, please contact Harrie Slootbeek at (617) 426-1812 ext. 147 or by email at hslootbeek@ussconstitutionmuseum.org
  • Obtaining Copies and Reproductions of Materials: All photocopies, digital reproductions, and prints are provided at the discretion of the Museum. The Museum will only provide copies and/or grant reproduction permission for materials in which the Museum is the copyright holder or for which there are no intellectual property rights restrictions. Reproduction of fragile materials in the Museum's collections is at the discretion of the Curatorial Department. The Museum reserves the right to refuse any request. Fees for reproduction services vary. Please see the Fee Schedule for more information.
  • Using Materials from the Museum's Collection: Use of images, photocopies, digital reproductions, prints, and information from the Museum's website for publication, public display, or licensing agreements is subject to written permission from the Museum. Reproductions are for research and study purposes only, unless written permission to publish is granted by the Museum. Note: purchasing a reproduction does not grant the right to publish or reproduce. All requests to publish images, text, or multimedia must be submitted in writing, and may incur additional fees. Please see the Fee Schedule for more information.
  • Credit Information: Materials used for exhibition, publication, or broadcast must be credited “Courtesy USS Constitution Museum.”